Harley-Davidson Introduces Sportster® S All-New Motorcycle Parts for Harley

Thu May 26 2022 Desiree

The Sportster® S is the all-new performance street car from Harley-Davidson®, ushering in a new era of performance in the Sportster model. The Revolution® Max1250TV-Twin engine up to 89kW can ensure both durable and flexible torque, a compact and lightweight chassis and excellent suspension technology, all of which give this model a more responsive and intuitive handling experience. The model will go on sale at Harley-Davidson dealers in China in the fourth quarter of this year.

Jochen Zeitz, chairman, president and CEO of Harley-Davidson, said: "The SportsterS will be a new generation of motorcycles based on the RevolutionMax water-cooled powertrain, pushing the performance standards of the Sportster series to new heights. A next-generation Sportster that redefines technology and style."

Fashion design delivers surging power

From the side, the SportsterS model has more curl and power. The fuel tank and tail structure frame the engine and form the main core component of the motorcycle; the large front wheel is reminiscent of the bobber-style retro motorcycle's baffle-free front wheel; while the tail, high-level exhaust pipes and simple The atmospheric single seat is inspired by the Harley-Davidson XR750 FlatTracker model.

Performance upgrade

The 1250ccRevolutionMax1250T engine is the "heart" of the SportsterS model. This latest version of Harley-Davidson's water-cooled V-twin engine delivers surging torque at low revs, with strong power from the start and a smoother torque curve in the wider power zone in the middle. The SportsterS is equipped with a 3.1-gallon (about 12L) fuel tank at the top, but the body weight is only 502 pounds (about 228kg); the exhaust pipe adopts a 2-1-2 high design to achieve good noise reduction performance.

Technology enhances driving pleasure

SportsterS models are equipped with a range of technologies that enhance the riding experience - three pre-programmed and self-selectable default driving modes (Sport, Road and Rain) give the rider a higher level of technology to control the motorcycle; two custom Modes to suit the knight's personal preferences or to deal with other special situations.

The 4-inch circular color TFT screen can display all instrument information, and supports the rider to control the infotainment system through mobile phone Bluetooth. The all-LED lighting design includes Daymaker® signature LED headlights that evenly illuminate and eliminate distracting "noise."

Optimized and upgraded chassis

The power system of this motorcycle is a structural component of the motorcycle chassis. The tubular steel rear rocker arm is highlighted by the support design and stamped X members, which not only strengthens the chassis, but also adds a unique design style to the motorcycle.

Sportster® S models feature fully adjustable premium front and rear suspension – SHOWA® 43mm upside-down front fork and SHOWA® Piggyback rear single shock; rear suspension utilizes a convenient knob located on the left side of the motorcycle for hydraulic preload and rebound Tuning; lightweight cast aluminum wheels in a staggered five-spoke design with wide Dunlop®/Harley-Davidson® series GT503 tires; premium Brembo brake components for great braking feel and performance; front brakes feature new Brembo radial four Piston calipers and 320mm diameter discs, rear brakes are a twin-piston Brembo caliper and a 260mm diameter disc.

The brake and clutch levers of this motorcycle are designed in an adjustable mode. Additionally, the SportsterS comes with heated handlebars motorcycle parts for harley and two dedicated power points for heated cycling gear (both heated handlebars and heated cycling gear/clothing can be purchased additionally). Standard equipment on the motorcycle also includes cruise control and a security alert system; the steel fuel tank holds 3.1 gallons (about 12L).

Available Colors: Bright Black, Stonewashed Pearl White, Dark Night Red

motorcycle parts for harley

SportsterSmotorcycle parts for harley will be sold through the Harley-Davidson Genuine Motorcycle parts for harley (GenuineMotorAccessories) platform, including the following main motorcycle parts for harley:

Mid component

The left and right foot pedals and foot control devices are moved forward from the original equipment to the middle position, so that the rider's feet are in a more comfortable active position, which is also very friendly to shorter riders.

Passenger components

The motorcycle can also be fitted with a seat assembly, footrest assembly and backrest assembly; the seat assembly and backrest assembly can be used as decoration to form a stylistic match with the rider's seat.

Sundowner Single Seat

This model's seat features an upgraded Sundowner™ deep-bucket design and hollow spherical foam construction for improved comfort on long rides and a more imposing ride. Rigorous sealing stitching can play a waterproof role to prevent the seat from getting wet, and the detailed design of the top seat cover also adds to the overall style of the motorcycle.

Compact removable windshield

Black mounts and bottom brackets complement the darkened windshield; the windshield is mounted on a fork with quick-release clips, making installation and removal quicker and easier.


It is specially tailored for the Sportster®S model, providing a more convenient storage space for the rider. It is recommended to install the trunk on the Pillon seat kit, which can accommodate up to about 2.2kg of items; the volume of the main storage compartment can be expanded from 8.2L to 11.5L.

Harley-Davidson Introduces Sportster® S All-New Motorcycle Parts for Harley