How do motorcycle parts for triumph need to be modified?

Tue May 24 2022 Desiree

With the first batch of Triumph 765RS owners picking up their cars, which has aroused a lot of attention, what I recommend to you today is the reference scheme of modified accessories for the Triumph 765RS.

motorcycle parts for triumph-Scorpio carbon fiber tail section exhaust

AXIS Lapovic exhaust systems used by many top teams in world famous competitions such as MOTO GP, WSBK and AMA advanced technology and craftsmanship fused together to a high level. Carbon fiber reduces weight and enhances exhaust sound. Scorpio produced, must be a boutique

motorcycle parts for triumph-SPARK EXHAUST exhaust pipe

If you think Scorpio will be too "bad street", there is this SPARK option from Italy. It uses a mechanically curved titanium alloy mid-tail design, which can better experience the sound of the three-cylinder engine tuned by MOTO2 while being lightweight.

motorcycle parts for triumph-ODAX headlight cover

The big-eye headlights of the 765RS are the strongest identification signs of this car. In addition to protecting the headlights from the impact of flying rocks or other hard objects, the headlight shield specially designed by ODAX for this car is personalized. The color options are also a highlight of this shade

motorcycle parts for triumph-ODAX windshield

There are definitely some riders who need to install windshields for street cars. At present, there are not many good windshields suitable for 765RS. ODAX is one of the windshields with good user experience in foreign countries. In addition to the basic function of windshields, it can relieve wind pressure and turbulence for car owners. outside. The appearance also fits the shape of the "Frog Prince" and will not look abrupt

motorcycle parts for triumph-ODAX water tank net

One of the must-install items on the ground is the water tank guard net. The water tank guard net developed by ODAX for the "Frog Prince" is made of polished stainless steel, which fits the position of the water tank of the vehicle and will not loosen after installation.

How do motorcycle parts for triumph need to be modified?