Kawasaki's best four-cylinder wagon, top motorcycle parts for kawasaki

Thu May 26 2022 Desiree

In the past two years, with the improvement of the overall strength of the domestic motorcycle industry, the development of motorcycles suitable for leisure and relaxation is also very good, especially the domestic rally models, but there are very few domestic brand station wagons. So the car to be introduced below is Kawasaki's top public upgrade road tourer. This car is Versys1000. What kind of car is this? Kawasaki's best four-cylinder station wagon, top power motorcycle parts for kawasaki, high speed 120 does not float, charming sound

In terms of appearance, the entire body appearance of this Versys1000 has a clear Kawasaki style in design. Different from the rally models that generally use a bird's beak front face, this car's sharp front face has a high degree of recognition, and also Equipped with an electrically adjustable windshield, it is very convenient and practical. The whole car lighting adopts LED light source, and the safety of the original bumper is well done. The exhaust pipe is arranged on the bottom of the car and uses four exhausts.

As for the body configuration, this car is equipped with various advanced intelligent matching, using electronic throttle and slipper clutch. In addition, this car also has an electronic cruise control system and a variety of power modes to choose from. In terms of safety, the car's braking system has dual disc brakes and single disc brakes at the front and rear, as well as KTRC traction control system and KIBS intelligent anti-lock braking system. And other configurations to ensure the safety of riding, the configuration of this car is high-end and advanced.

Let's talk about the power of this car. The Versys1000 is equipped with a parallel four-cylinder engine with an actual displacement of 1043ml. This engine is the same as the familiar Z1000. In addition, there are powerful power parameters. The maximum power is 83.8kw. Judging from the 21L capacity fuel tank configured by this car, the battery life of this car is about 300 kilometers.

To sum up, the performance and comprehensive strength of Versys1000 have not lived up to the Kawasaki brand, especially in terms of performance and motorcycle parts for kawasaki, and the final official price of this car is as high as 159,000.

Kawasaki's best four-cylinder wagon, top motorcycle parts for kawasaki