Motorcycle parts for bmw review, BMW motorcycle R18Transcontinental

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BMW launched the cruiser model "R18" last year, and launched its derivative model "R 18 Classic" this spring, and now it has launched the "R18B" and "R18 Transcontinental" in one go. So far, the R18 series has launched four models, and in the new field of cruise models, BMW has deployed and strived to expand their sphere of influence.

Tim Diehl-Thiele, head of advertising at BMW Motorrad, said: "It is normal for us to join the world's largest motorcycle market - the cruiser market. for bmw) products.” It sold 107,610 motorcycles and scooters, 40.3% more than the previous year. BMW Motorrad, which has recently achieved outstanding sales, has followed the trend, aiming to grab market share in new fields.

In order to seize market share, be prepared in advance
Markus Schramm, senior vice president of BMW Motorrad, announced at the press conference that gathered the world's media, "Our goal is to become the world's number one motorcycle manufacturer in the top luxury motorcycle market".

This category is basically equipped with large-displacement engines, and from their pricing, it can be seen that these cars are luxury cars designed for the top customer group. And this is exactly what BMW Motorrad is best at. With BMW's outstanding technology and its brand value, BMW's market share will definitely increase significantly in the future; however, one of the largest markets for cruisers is in North America. area.

Harley-Davidson from the US is firmly established here. Harley-Davidson's bike is much heavier by comparison than BMW's low, long body, and it's an improvement of a motorcycle that runs on the track relatively special.

▲ This time the "R18B" was tested at the test drive meeting. It is equipped with a large fairing and adopts a BAGGER modified shape with a flat rear line. The design inspiration comes from the modification trend that is popular in the United States and even holds modified car competitions.

What is certain is that riders who love American motorcycles are not only concerned with horsepower and specifications, they also attach great importance to "feel". Whether they can feel refreshed when riding a bicycle, whether they can feel the unique atmosphere of the engine, the sense of agitation, and even whether the body is beautiful are all within the scope of their concern. Therefore, when evaluating a new car, their opinions will be Not the same as fans of sports cars.

For the R18 series, BMW has developed the largest engine in history since the production of motorcycles in 1923 - an OHV air-oil-cooled horizontally opposed twin-cylinder engine with a displacement of 1.8, and the low and long body design brought about High rigidity frame. In this era full of reduced displacement specifications, BMW has created an engine with the largest displacement in history, and also chose super traditional engine designs such as OHV and air-oil cooling. These choices are deeply impressive feel their ambition.

BMW unveiled the R18B and R18 Transcontinental at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally (held every August in South Dakota), a major event known for gathering Harley-Davidson fans across the United States. They went to the hostile camp in person and gave the diehard fans a thorough demonstration of BMW's latest cruiser.

▲ The OHV engine is a traditional valve drive design that is often used by Harley-Davidson and Indian Motorcycle. BMW also adopted this design on the newly launched cruise car this time. Different from the OHV engine in the past, BMW specially changed the pushrod cover to the top of the cylinder, so that the rider can directly view this motorcycle parts for bmw.

▲Roland Stocker in charge of research and development.

Excellent foot landing and reversing system, no need to be afraid to move the body
This time I tested the car model "R18B" at the test drive meeting. This car is equipped with a large fairing and adopts a BAGGER modified shape with a flat rear line. It is inspired by the modified car trend that is so popular in the United States that it even holds a modification competition.

Although some cruisers use a forward control posture that straightens their feet forward, cars with horizontally opposed engines cannot adopt this posture because they are hindered by the cylinder. Therefore, the "R18B" and "R18 Transcontinental" use the rider's feet to face down, step on the pedals naturally, and the lower body presents a relaxed driving posture.

▲The height of the seat cushion is low, only 720mm, so after the author with a height of 175cm sits on it, the heels of both feet can firmly step on the ground. The handle part of the black handle is designed to be close to the direction of the knight's body. With a relaxed straight-back riding position, the rider's hands can easily grasp the handlebars without having to open their elbows.

Forward control is originally a driving position designed for tall Europeans and Americans, at least for the author who has been jokingly called "only the upper body is the highest in the class" by classmates since the school days. It is said that when encountering a motorcycle of this design, you must straighten your knees and maintain a very tired posture.

So when I encounter the driving posture of the "Mid-control" design of the R18B, I will really be very moved, and I can completely put down the big stone in my heart. Although the European version of the test drive used by the author is a wider and wider version, the Japanese version should be changed to a pedal group with a higher degree of freedom as standard equipment.

Just looking at the specifications of the R18B, you can know that its weight is 398kg, so when I started to lift the motorcycle, I prepared a little before trying to support it, but unexpectedly I was able to lift it at once. stand up. It may be because its body adopts a low center of gravity, and both feet can step on the ground steadily, so it is unlikely to feel the existence of weight.

▲By the way, R18B also introduced a pedal group that can be installed on the cylinder. It looks very wild and handsome, and the modified motorcycle parts for bmw can be said to be quite rich.

▲In order for people not to worry about how to move the motorcycle, the R18B is also specially equipped with a reversing system, which is very considerate. After all, pushing a motorcycle of this displacement level to reverse on an uphill section is a bit too hard. Although it is said that after getting used to moving the car body, I usually think a little bit about trying to avoid encountering such embarrassing problems when parking, but now as long as there is a reversing system, even if it is unfortunate that such a situation is encountered, there is no need to worry anymore.

A large horizontally opposed engine that stimulates the five senses, making people fascinated
Press the start button, and after the huge horizontally opposed twin-cylinder engine wakes up, the vibration generated will be so shocking that the car body starts to sway from side to side. Once the transmission is down to 1 speed, the clutch lever you hold can be released and the behemoth can start moving forward. Thanks to the amazing displacement brought by the large pistons of the traditional horizontally opposed twin-cylinder engine, it can generate thick torque at very low speeds, and has a strong sense of torque at low and medium speeds, which is similar to the original R series. made a distinction.

For example, the high-speed station wagon "R1250RT" adopts a design with a displacement of 1254cc, air-water cooling, DOHC 4 valves, and variable valve timing. It can generate a maximum horsepower of 136PS at a high speed of about 7750rpm, but the R18 series It uses an air-oil-cooled, OHV 4-valve large horizontally opposed engine, which can generate a maximum horsepower of 91PS at a speed of 4750rpm, and the torque can be maintained at 150Nm in the lower speed range of 2000-4000rpm. .

Motorcycle parts for bmw review, BMW motorcycle R18Transcontinental