The top modification of Honda CBR650R motorcycle is the original parts of motorcycle parts for honda!

Thu May 26 2022 Desiree

I think when I first picked up the car, the owner of the car dealer sold me a bunch of original motorcycle parts for honda. It would be boring to say that the original ones had to be refitted, and the price was definitely higher than other brands. Expensive, I bought all the modified items directly on Taobao. It wasn't until I came to work at Webike that I found out that the original motorcycle parts for honda from Japan's major Japanese factories sold so well, especially the original Honda motorcycle parts for honda. Driven by curiosity, I also bought a rear shelf and installed it on my X -Replace the original Taobao iron frame on the adv. Immediately I understood, the perfect precision, the paint of the same color as the body, and there is nothing to be picky about, except for the price really? The first-class street car CBR650R / CB650R is an original modified boutique, the most worry-free choice.

Quick Shift Kit (08U72MKND50)

CBR650R / CB650R owners must change it. It is easy and fast to install. After installing it, you can shift up without pulling the clutch. You can enjoy the uninterrupted and continuous thrust of a car like a public upgrade. It is also very helpful for long-distance mountain driving.

Heightened and widened windshield (08R70MKNJ10)

A must for high-speed running! The biggest advantage of the original windshield is the perfect fit, and the mirror surface is flat and there will be no refraction. High-speed cruising can reduce the wind pressure on the body. When you want to blow up your riders, you can clearly see the front view when you hide under the windshield.

Heated handle (08T70MGEJ10)

To be honest, I really don’t have the opportunity to use the heated handlebars in Guangzhou, but the number of orders placed by the riders in the north makes the editor have to recommend it. it is good. Don't forget that this handlebar needs to buy motorcycle parts for honda to match and install! ! !

Lower fairing (08F71MKND50ZA)

This is a product whose shape trumps practicality. It looks handsome when you put it on, and the original factory fit is straight up without worrying about it.

Aluminum alloy side cover (08F75MKND50)

The devil hides in the details. When buying a car, you can think about whether the frame should be black or chrome-plated for a long time. Small embellishments can make you happy for a long time.

Aluminum alloy front fender side plate (08F73MKND50)

Details can't be pulled off! Now that the side covers are chrome plated, so are the front fender side panels. Just looked at the webike official website, this product is off the shelf. But you can still order according to the original part number. This is the benefit of the original factory modification!

Fuel tank protector (08P71MKND50)

The reason for choosing this product is simply because of the CB wording. This kind of thing will not be replaced after it is posted. It is the most sensible choice to buy your favorite one at a time. Tear off without peeling paint!

The top modification of Honda CBR650R motorcycle is the original parts of motorcycle parts for honda!